5th Annual Pink Tie Fireman's Ball

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our own. Firefighter and Pink Tie Committee member Erik Vitols lost his father, Will Vitols, to cancer on March 20th, 2017. Will embodied strength, compassion, generosity, and was an incredibly kind man. Year in and year out, Will always volunteered and helped the Pink Tie Ball and its success.  Without him, his family and Erik, the Pink Tie Ball wouldn't be where it is today. 

Rest in Peace Mr. Vitols. 

Your Pink Tie Ball / Local 4092 family loves you.

Schaumburg  Professional Firefighters Association, 
Local 4092's Fifth Annual "Pink Tie Firemen's Ball" 2016

Schaumburg Firefighters Association Pink Tie Ball

   This year’s extravagant evening will be filled with emotion and hope as we set out on another journey to help cure cancer. The Schaumburg Fire Fighters have taken notice to the fact that cancer has proven to be one of the world’s largest epidemics, affecting both men and women of all ages. And, since it is our goal, as firefighters to help people, both on and off the job, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 5th Annual: Pink Tie Firemen’s Ball on October 15th, 2016. The Schaumburg Firefighters Fighting Cancer would really appreciate if you decided to be a part of this fundraiser, by any means necessary. With that being said, we ask for your presence, your financial support or a simple donation of goods could greatly help us raise funds, funds that will transform the lives of so many people, in so many different ways.

The SPFFA Benevolent Association/Schaumburg Firefighters Fighting Cancer Fundraising Committee would like to ask you or your business for support, in the form of a donation by any means necessary, in our efforts to raise money and awareness for the fight against Cancer. One hundred percent of the net proceeds raised from the Pink Tie Ball 2016 efforts will be donated to support the fight against cancer, by means of The National Cancer Research Institute and the Alexian Brother’s Cancer Institute, allocated for some of the most innovative cancer research in the world. Each year we strive to improve upon the last year’s totals, and since 2015 surpassed our expectations by raising approximately $40,000 to aid the fight; we hope you are willing to join us raise even more in 2015!

On behalf of the SPFFA and the Schaumburg Firefighters Fighting Cancer Fundraising Committee we would like to thank you for considering our group for a donation. Also, please contact us anytime, day or night, with information regarding donations at pinktieball4092@gmail.com, or at the phone number 312.841.1122. If interested in purchasing tickets or are unable to attend but interested in donating, please visit us at pinktieball4092.com. Thank you for supporting our fight to cure cancer, the people who battle this epidemic and the community in we live! Schaumburg Firefighters Benevolent Association (Federal Tax ID36-3972831/Illinois Department of Revenue Tax Exemption Number E9923-1212-01 )


SPFFA’s Schaumburg Firefighters Fighting Cancer Fundraising Committee 

One hundred percent of the net proceeds raised from the Pink Tie Ball 2016 efforts will be donated to support the fight against cancer, by means of The National Cancer Research Institute and the Alexian Brother’s Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Ambassadors. 

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